Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A new blog

I tried my hand at blog-writing last summer (for the first time since my angst-filled high school deadjournal)...and it didn't go so well. Mostly, I didn't write often, and what I did write was depressing. So let's approach this summer as a fresh start.

I have to say, I'm sure this blog will still be a "medley," because I guarantee I will not be able to stick to one theme. Yet, I think there will be just a handful of dominant topics.

For one, in the last month, I have begun my pre-practicum hours in a middle school as a School Psychology student. I do think this is an especially important time to reflect, before I get wrapped up in the bureaucracy of it all. Schools are immensely fascinating ecological systems, and I'd really love to spend some time thinking about the school community before I truly become a part of it. Right now I'm still in grad school, fresh and detached. Even next year, when I start to spend some more time and get more involved, it will be different. So I'm hoping to write down some enlightening insights to look back on when I am old and jaded. Plus, middle schools are ripe fodder for hilarious pubescent anecdotes.

Two, I'm going to begin assistant-teaching a yoga summer camp for kids in a month or so. I anticipate there will be stories galore from this experience. Plus, I'd like to begin writing more about yoga and philosophy in general.

Essentially, I fancy myself a sort of School Psychologist-Yogi-Superhero Hybrid. I'd really like to just save crazy kids from their craziness, one yoga mat at a time! (Modesty, of course, is another strength of mine). I do think this design from CurlyGurl says it all...

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