Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting back into it

There's always something that gets in the way, isn't there? Well, to re-cap, since my last post, I have had some super amazing awesome experiences, and some that are...the opposite of that. Let's start with the good!

For one thing, I got to travel to the great state of Michigan for the first time ever, and see my best friend get married. That was pretty darn amazing. (That's us at her wedding rehearsal, which was also my birthday!) I had one of the most memorable weeks of my life, spending time with Beth & Jason, Beth's family, hiking, kayaking, eating, swimming in Lake Michigan (which is amazing, btw), and just feeling happy and full of love.

Since then, I've started one of the toughest jobs of my life - as a camp counselor at a special needs camp.  It is ...so many things. I could write a million blog posts about it, and I hope I will once I have more brain functioning.

The other thing that has kept me from doing anything productive has been the world's worst illness ever - BRONCHITIS. Ugh. I'm still not better, and it is super frustrating. I had such high hopes for this summer of being super fit and active and swimming and doing lots of yoga...and mostly, I just sleep. And then sleep some more.

But I leave you one tidbit related to education that I just read about in the Atlantic. A retired Air Force Commander began a job as a special ed teacher after retiring from the military. "When asked which was easier—being a military commander or being a teacher—he didn’t hesitate. 'Commander.'"

Somehow that makes me feel a little better about finding my job so hard, but also makes me wonder....why *don't* teachers get more extensive simulated practice dealing with behavior management before they teach? Why do we find the "throw you into the deep end of the pool and hope you swim" method to be acceptable?  I thinking DOING is the most important part of learning, but if we can come up with some creative ways to practice more extensively before we have to deal with kids who actually need our help, wouldn't that be better? 

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