Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A bad dream

It is only July 27th, and I am already feeling that the summer is "nearly over." Because it is almost August. And once we are in August, it is almost September. And once it is September, things will get busy again. And once things are busy again, I will go bananas. And....However, the only really crazy thing is my thinking.

I had a terribly stressful dream last night that it was suddenly September, and I was fired from my Research Assistantship (meaning loss of tuition credits and stipend!) "because of the economy." (Which is weird, because once you already have a grant, "the economy" isn't going to take it away. Plus, my advisor was the one firing me, even though she is not related to this research project in any way....My brain is playing tricks on me!)

Then, today, September issues of magazines were already delivered. Even Yoga Journal can't resist the industry's strange standard of sending out magazines WAY before it is actually the issue's month. (I don't understand this at all...)

I had to stop and say WAIT! There is no use getting all panicked and frittering away an entire month worrying about things to come! What am I doing right NOW? And I realized...Oh yes. I am at the beach. I am swimming in the (very cold) ocean and it feels delicious. Oh, what is that I see? Beautiful blue skies and shimmering water? Ahh yes, for so many reasons, right now is better than whatever is coming in the future and whatever happened in the past, because it is right now. And it is beautiful!

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  1. I had a similar moment of panic a couple of weeks ago! Summer always seems to zip by too quickly. However, I think that having moments of laziness help to stretch it out. I try to savor the moments where I can sleep in a little later than usual, take an evening stroll to the frozen yogurt shop up the street, or get drinks with friends on a rooftop bar. They make summer feel special, and it's a nice way to stay in the moment. :)